You already know that professional photography will help your architecture firm grow. But, if you do business in a sizable area with lots of photographers, how do you choose the best one to show off your work?

A good architectural photographer knows how to get the light right.

It may not seem like it from the outside, but hiring the right photographer comes with high stakes. A portrait photographer who claims to know about exteriors isn’t going to cut it. Likewise, one who’s talented but has messy business practices will waste your time.

To help you add photography to your firm without the hassle, follow the tips below. They’re our 5 best, most essential pieces of advice and they will work for you!

  1. Hire a photographer who focuses on shooting architecture. Talent is important in photography, but do you know what matters just as much? Technical know-how. Professionalism. Organization. Find a photographer who’s used to working in your field and benefit from their specialized knowledge!
  2. Ask photographers how they schedule their shoots. If you schedule one shoot with a photographer, you may not mind messaging back and forth with them about open appointment times and shoot lengths. For multiple shoots or long-term contracts, though, find a photographer who won’t waste your time! Efficient scheduling systems with online options take a lot of the hassle out of getting great images.
  3. Look for quick turnaround times and digital delivery services. Likewise, tracking down or waiting for your images can really cut down on your business’s efficiency or waste your time. Photographers should have standardized delivery practices to keep things flowing smoothly and predictably.
  4. Request references to insure reliability. We have met many wonderful photographers during our years in business. But, it’s worth pointing out that photography is a field with a pretty low bar for entry. Don’t hire a photog who calls themselves “professional” without making sure that they really have experience and satisfied clients to show for it.
  5. Check their image usage policies. If you’re paying for photography, it’s crucial that you’re able to grow your business with it. Make sure prospective photographers offer the rights you need, or risk getting stuck with images that are a hassle to use.

If your prospective photographer doesn’t have information readily available about any of those 5 topics, we politely recommend you look for help elsewhere. Policies about scheduling, delivery, and usage should be standardized for any serious professional.

We shoot all over the U.S., so click here if you’d like to schedule an appointment for us to photograph your project. You can also contact us to discuss how we can boost your business with our services.

We’ll leave you, as we often like to, with a few examples of what the right architectural photographer can produce for you.