The headshot. The business card. The listing fliers.

If you’re a realtor, you’ve probably had these marketing tools from early in your career.

But, there’s another opportunity for professional branding that about 65% of realtors are not taking advantage of.

We’ll cut to the chase: it’s professional photography of your listings.

High quality photographs are usually thought of as a tool to sell individual properties. But, they’re also selling the listing agent.

When sellers see your headshot next to listings you’ve marketed with professional photography, they know you’ll show their home at its best.

If they see your image next to unflattering photos taken from a smartphone? Well, that says a lot, too. Bad listings photos can erase the good impression from a nice headshot very quickly!

It’s amazing how often we see Homeowners, personal belongings —even, UNDERPANTS, in amateur real estate photos.


We like the way a fellow architectural photographer over at QPhoto puts it: “My real estate photographs make you look good, not me….You want to be associated with Home & Garden style pictures, not Blair Witch style pictures.”

So, don’t just invest in your image with headshots. Keep a gorgeous, updated record of your sales and professionalism by using quality photos in every single one of your listings.

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