We’ve told you before about how real estate and rental listings of all kinds benefit from professional photography. It’s true! But, that doesn’t mean that one size fits all.

Certain listings really shine when you take a broader view.

Imagine, for instance, a turn-of-the-century farm. It has a lovely farmhouse that’s easy to capture in one standard, ground-level exterior photo. But it also has sheds, a workshop, and a well. To get a great shot of the whole package, we turn to elevated photography.

A standard exterior just wouldn’t do this view justice.

For these shoots, you could use a drone or plane and get excellent results. Our go-to method, though, is a 30′-40′ mast and a remote camera. Check out one of our favorite mast shots of a hillside home:

The house is gorgeous on its own, but the mast photograph shows off its stunning landscape, too.

Elevated images make it easy to see how unique properties fit together. They show off distinctive landscapes. They play up the strengths of mountain homes. And, beyond that, they stand out from the crowd on Zillow, Trulia, and other MLS search sites.

We don’t recommend elevated photos for every listing we shoot. But, when they’re a good fit for a property, the results speak for themselves!

Mast photography can be added to a standard interior/exterior photo shoot, or done all on its own. Like all of our services, it’s also easy to schedule in our online appointment system.

Have questions? Wondering whether elevated photography is right for your property? Email us or give us a call. We love to talk shop.

Mast elevated photography can be hard to visualize, but this is what it looks like.